0 Four Ways To Use Hardscape Elements To Enhance Your Property

  • by LevelAction
  • 17-03-2022
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There are two types of landscaping: hardscaping and softscaping. Softscaping refers to the organic, growth elements within a landscape design. Hardscaping refers to more permanent elements like walkways, trellises, patios, driveways and gazebos. Hardscaping also includes structures like concrete garden beds and retaining walls. If you’re thinking about improving the landscape design of your yard, here are a few hardscaping ideas to consider.


  1. Patio or Deck

Installing a deck or patio is a worthwhile investment. It’s where you, your family and your guests will likely spend most of your time outside. This is a great way to expand your functional outdoor living space. For example, you can opt for a raised deck next to your home, with easy access through sliding or French doors. This allows you to easily enjoy family meals, entertain, and relax without going up and down a set of stairs.   


  1. Retaining or tiered-garden walls

Walls are both a practical and an esthetic addition to any landscape design. Not only do they help avoid soil erosion, but their height can offset different areas, giving a pleasing three-dimensional effect. They can also be used to create terraces for gardening.


  1. Paved Walkway

Add immediate charm and functionality to your yard with a paved walkway. Bricks or paving stones are a great option if you want something a bit more eye-catching. Even though these materials may cost more than concrete, you can easily replace broken or damaged pieces to keep your yard looking its best. Paired with a lighting package a walkway will be a stunning addition to your yard.


  1. Water Features

There are various ways to incorporate water into your backyard landscape. A custom fountain, waterfall or pond will instantly make your property more inviting and provide a refreshing and calming ambiance. Custom water features can add significant value to your property and attract potential buyers.


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