Snow Removal


Allan Block Kamloops


Level Action landscaping specializes in snow removal for the unique commercial and residential properties we have in this beautiful city. Our crews are fully equipped with the proper tools and equipment to safely provide you with quality service during even the worst snow events and harshest weather conditions.

Our Snow removal crews are trained to be quick, thorough, and safe, giving you the best quality service throughout the winter season.

All of our employees are SIMA certified with regular training on Snow and Ice Management and take great pride in our work and strive to provide the utmost customer satisfaction.

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Please note we try to have every property serviced in a timely manner but all our services are weather dependent.



Level Action Landscaping maintains in good standing with WCB, $5,000,000  Liability with additional insured. All vehicles and equipment maintain 2,000,000 Liability.


Weather Monitoring

Our team tracks weather activity daily to anticipate major snow events. We know how to prepare for every situation, from overnight ice to steady all day snowfalls.


Data Logging

All of Level Actions Equipment are equipped with GPS and Dash Cameras to record the time and place of every push! Crews are also required to fill out a log sheet with snow accumulation, current weather, Time in and Out and what services are performed.  This way we can hold our crews accountable for any disputes or claims should they ever arise. We also offer Alerts to let you know when our crews are on site and when they are finished.


Snow and Ice Bylaws

Bylaws from the City of Kamloops and surrounding area state that snow and ice must be removed from city sidewalks and pathways within 24 hours, starting from when the snow stops. Our team knows these bylaws inside and out, so you can rest assured you won’t be ticketed or fined.



Rates vary due to location, needs and snow accumulation, our crew will visit your residence to remove the snow on a pay per visit basis. Give us a call for a free estimate!


For those exceptionally bad storms, For any urgent snow removal requirement, call us any time of the day. Our snow removal crew is available at an hourly rate to respond to emergency calls. One quick phone call to our 24 hour line with an address and description and we can try to have a crew there typically within the hour, weather permitting. Contact us to determine what services and plans are best suited for your business.

Ask us about our Seniors Discount!


Monthly Plan

We offer a flat rate monthly membership plan for your winter services. This means that you will only have to pay once at the beginning of your billing cycle. Let our crew of experts help you maintain the safety of your families and community. *This package is unlimited – we will visit every day if required. Call us today to find out more!


Commercial Snow Removal Services 


Your business can’t stop just because of the snow.

Your customers and employees need safe access, and so do you. Therefore, you have to ensure that your parking lot is plowed, sidewalks shoveled, and the ice has melted. .


Fortunately, level action knows what it is like to manage snow in Kamloops, No matter how big or how small your business property is, we have you covered. Our team provides a wide range of commercial snow removal services. From sidewalk clearing to snow hauling, we can handle everything. We offer a pay per visit basis and a convenient monthly or seasonal plan so you won't have to worry about snow removal ever again. Call us today for your free estimate


Sidewalk Snow Removal

Snow and ice-covered sidewalks are a real hazard. If someone falls, you could be liable. Our commercial snow removal crew clears sidewalks with hand shovels, power brooms and snow blowers. 


Parking Lot Snow Removal

We offer snow removal for parking lots of all sizes. From tight five-stall lots to the biggest lots in kamloops, you can depend on us for effective snow removal.

Whatever you need plowed, we can do it. We have all the necessary equipment and insurance to plow snow on any residential or commercial property. Our crew is trained and experienced, and we have a fleet of snow removal vehicles, which includes snow plow trucks, sanders, skidsteers, dump trucks and trailers, sweepers, and more.


 Salting and Sanding

Keeping your property snow and ice-free is important for the safety of your employees and customers. We make use of Pre Mixed Salt Sand, and ice melt to provide the necessary traction with minimal impact on your property and the environment.

Snow Hauling

We all know Kamloops can get some heavy amounts of snow at times, What do you do with all that snow? If required, we will haul the excess snow away to our dumpsite, which ensures no large and unsightly snow piles on your property.


Lot Sweeping and Pressure washing

After our winter is over and spring has almost sprung, we have the equipment and experts to clean up all of the unsighlty sand, gravel, garbage and grime left behind once the snow has melted away. With our Skid Steer pick up sweepers, we can get the bulk of the property done in a timely fashion and our guys on the ground are equipped with necessary equipment like Highpower Backpack Blowers, power brooms for all sidewalks and tight hard to reach spaces. With our mobile water truck equipped with a 300gallon tank and Pressure wands, we can blast the gunk off your buildings, sidewalks and parking lots and have everything spotless for spring and summer.

We offer competitive hourly rates and work 24/7 to provide the best quality clean up service Kamloops has to offer, Call our experts today for free estimates