Landscaping Services


Allan Block Kamloops

First impressions are lasting impressions, affecting potential home buyers or visitors when they see your home for the first time. A well-maintained landscape is a cost-effective way to increase your curb appeal and is a good indicator of how well a home has been cared for. Professionally installed and maintained landscapes not only show your dedication to your home but keeps your landscape in tip-top shape, avoiding overgrowth, unhealthy or dying plants, and free of damage. Avoid the hassle of spring and fall cleanups, meticulously pruning shrubs, mulch replacement,and so much more!


Weather it be a new build or landscape renovation that you need a landscape design complete with everything to make your home stand out from the rest,or just some regular maintenance ensuring your landscape stays healthy growth all year long, Level Action Landscaping has you covered. Call us Today for a free estimate!




Xeriscaping is zero to low maintenance styled landscaping utilizing decorative rockscapes, wood mulches and low maintenance plants and grasses requiring little water perfectly suited for our low consumption drip line irrigation systems.


Shrubs, Trees and Plants

Adding trees, shrubs and plants to your landscape is a great way to help with privacy, add curb apeal and value to your property. Having the right soft natural tones can overall really give your landscape that beautiful, inviting finished look we can all hope for.

We only use products hand picked from local suppliers to provide an array of aesthetically pleasing, high quality native perennials, shrubs, and trees that are garunteed to thrive in our region.



Sod and Artificial Turf

Your neighbors will go green with envy at the sight of your fresh new lawn! Choose from our high-quality sod for that authentic feel, grown right here in Kamloops! To keep your new lawn happy and healthy, our irrigation systems automatically water your lawn and gardens the ideal amount. When in full sun, water is evaporated from the top while remaining deep down in the roots to ensure your grass gets all its nutrients and stays healthy all season long, or ask us about our veriety of Artificial Turf options for a low maintenance but real grass look. 

Our artificial turf saves you time and money on watering and creates that perfect lawn 365 days of the year.



Tree, Shrub and Yard Maintenance

Do you have an overgrown yard that requires some serious clean up? Maybe some shrubs or hedges that are too tall and wild. We know that maintaining your natural paradise can be a hectic task and have all the right tools and experience to take care of it for you. Turn to the experts at Level Action, we offer a variety of services including hedge, tree, and shrub installation and maintenance as well as spring and fall clean up and removal.



Landscape Lighting

Highlight the best features of your landscape or add safety to your front yard or buisness at night. Our range of lighting options are perfect for pathways, patios, decks, and to accent standout features. Down lights are attached to a fence to look down on an area while up lights are on the ground to look up towards a specific area. Accent lights have a natural glow setting and are key to highlighting specific areas on your property.