0 Top Landscape Design Ideas for 2022

  • by LevelAction
  • 14-07-2022
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During the pandemic, Canadians optimized their outdoor living spaces with landscaping and outdoor living solutions. Many of these landscaping trends are still gaining traction this season. For homeowners who desire sustainable, comfortable and beautiful yards, here are four landscaping trends for 2022.


1. Kitchen gardens

A trend that began during the pandemic is still popular this year: gardens. Herb gardens or kitchen gardens remain a staple of many backyards as more people are choosing to grow their own food. A garden provides the freshest vegetables and is a sustainable alternative to a lawn. Raised beds provide better drainage, accessibility and protection from pests.


2. Eco-friendly designs

Many homeowners are trying to reduce their environmental impacts by using less water, chemicals and energy to maintain their landscaping.

Where water conservation is a priority, xeriscaping is a popular strategy. It involves planting native, drought-tolerant vegetation that requires little water, fertilizer or pesticides. Smart, slow-drip irrigation systems can drastically reduce water consumption. Using native plants also attracts local pollinators and wildlife.


3. Climate change mitigation

With the effects of climate change like wildfires and flooding all around us, more homeowners are incorporating disaster mitigation into their landscaping designs. Keeping sap-filled plants and other vegetation away from the home eliminates the fuel fires need to keep burning. Stone or gravel pathways can double as firebreaks.

Shallow trenches called swales capture and direct surface runoff, helping drain water on properties in flood-prone areas. Planting grasses and other vegetation with deep root systems can reduce erosion on slopes.


4. Pet-friendly designs

According to a survey by the Ontario SPCA, three in 10 Canadians welcomed a new pet into their homes during the pandemic, about a third of whom were first-time pet owners. This trend is of course also valid for British Columbia and Kamloops area.

Pets can present a landscaping challenge. For example, dogs may dig up flowerbeds, scratch patio furniture and leave dead patches on the lawn. One solution is an enclosed dog run with artificial turf. Many more are giving their pets free rein by fencing their entire properties with attractive materials such as vinyl, cedar and ornamental iron.


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